Hudson to Dingwall


We left Hudson on Monday morning – Lucy was sad to leave the mural room (as were we). Things I learned from four year old Owen: “Lucy is super duper stylish” (actually I knew that already) and “when you sit down your face is closer to your bum,” which I definitely didn’t know.

On the stupendously long trip from Hudson to Fredericton, we learned that when it comes to roadside attractions I have no dignity,


and neither does Tim.


Lucy, on the other hand….


We stopped in Fredericton to see our friends Erin and Ryan and meet their new baby Gus, made a stop in Antigonish and then drove to Cape Breton. There were lupins everywhere on the highway … so pretty!


pit stop en route.


Now we’re in Dingwall, where we came 2 years ago. I didn’t mean to, but I ended up on the beach at the Markland wearing exactly the same outfit I was wearing then (it’s my cover photo on Facebook). A beach where you need a sweatshirt (and possibly a scarf and tuque)? That’s my kind of beach. So we’re here for a week, staying in a cottage. It’s pretty much heaven.






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