We’ve been in Lunenburg for almost three weeks now. There have been a lot of cute dogs, numerous bike rides and beach visits, a birthday, a little work, a celebratory lobster roll, lots of coffee, creepy fog, blue sky days, sunsets, and christmas trees on the run.Image

See? Cute dogs. This is actually former-MP Garth Turner’s dog, lolling on the dock. As Garth Turner is not as cute as his dog, he got cropped from the picture.

ImageBeautiful sunset in the harbour.

ImageIt was meant to look like that lobster was eating my head….

ImageWe rode our bikes to Mahone Bay and learned the importance of commas, although personally, I think hunting Christmas trees could be very satisfying.


It was super hot. I honestly wish that I could have just fallen in the water here because biking home was like 3 hours of derby in the barn kind of sweaty.

We went on another (longer) bike ride a couple of days later though to LaHave, which was really pretty. It also boasted a ferry ride, an amazing bakery, and… on the third floor of the bakery a skate bowl. Seriously! You could hear the skateboarders all through the bakery!



ImageSkate bowl! On the third floor!

We totally stopped at the bakery twice. Once on the way there and once, 30 minutes later, on the way back.

ImageWe met up with my colleagues Bridget and Tony in Kingsburg and took the dogs for a walk on Hirtles Beach. I completely nerded out there, because apparently it’s a living beach that turns entirely from sand to rocks each winter and then back in the summer. So cool.


ImageThere was an awesome b-day cake.

ImageAnd b-day celebrations.

ImageWe took the nephews painting in the park,

Imagewent to Shelburne too see some living history,

Imageand lobster crate races with Ernie, Bert and Elmo (basically small children in lifejackets and hockey helmets run over lobster crates until they fall into the ocean).

ImageWe visited the Black Loyalist Museum in Birchtown (made famous by the Book of Negroes).

Imageexplored a pretty amazing book store in Lunenburg, run by a nocturnal former fisherman,


who sailed around the world three times,

liz books 2

then possibly became a book hoarder in Lunenburg.

In any case, between our adventures, much work was done. We had a celebration when I finally sent in the copyedited proofs of the book that I wrote with Laura Murray and Tina Piper.

lobster celebration


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