This is the blog of Dr. Kirsty Robertson, a professor of Museum Studies and Contemporary Art at the University of Western Ontario.

“Micro-museum are typically museums that are small, open to the public, and reflect the passionate collecting of a single person or group of people. They typically do not follow traditional museum formats, but have enough overlap so as to be recognizable as museums. Micro-museums are found across the globe, in urban and rural locations.”

Curiouser and Curiouser is a travelogue and compendium of micro-museums. You can read more about Kirsty’s research on micro-museums here. The first part of the blog documents Robertson’s sabbatical: a year-long road trip taken around North America with her partner (Tim Pearson) and dog (Lucy) to search out as many micro-museums as possible. The second part of the blog (from September, 2014) documents continued visits to small museums, and the growing research project that came from the sabbatical trip.

If you would like to know more about Kirsty’s research, try her website, her Academia.edu profile, or download her cv here.

Contact at kirsty [dot] robertson [@] uwo [dot] ca

Thanks for stopping by!

Suggestions for micro-museums to visit are always welcome.

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